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Tis’ the season for Talent-spotting
by Melissa Lee, NTU


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Many proclaim that Singapore's like a 40 year-old virgin with a dried out 'nether region' of work drones and mindless sheep, lacking in pulsating culture lubricants that can only be induced by 'desigasms'. I can only attribute this perspective on the lack of support from the mass media on raising awareness of culture-boosting initiatives.

Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) are investing/sponsoring decent money to cultivate the ideal incubator for Singapore's future culture-makers (Photographers, designers and musicians). Mercedes-Benz and Motorola are leading the way with mega sponsorships on über-cool events and talents. Not only restating themselves as cooler than thou brands, they've been opening doors for local talents and ergo, inspiring younger generations to trod down the path of what older generations would condemn as alternative - or deviant - paths.

Formal congregations of Singapore's beloved creative geniuses have only been escalating in recent years.

Since its conception in 2004, the regional finals of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Awards have been held in Singapore on an annual basis, and it's been no simple affair boasting one of the best prizes and prospects - Just look at Ashley Isham (personal friend to Tyra Banks and one-time guest judge on America's next top model). It's no wonder that the Ashley Isham fairytale has been one helluva 'Oprah-worthy' fable that has been constantly regurgitated amongst local design students.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Awards is probably one of the most prestigious design competitions internationally. This year's award winner - Malaysian Designer 27 year-old Syaiful Bahrim- won himself a cash prize of US$10,000, an internship at the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Centre in Japan and an opportunity to work with respected Singaporean designer Ashley Isham in London. Like it isn't enough to send him over the moon, Bahrim also got to showcase his collection at the recently concluded Mercedes Australian Fashion Week'06. Enough to throw Jay Carroll (winner of Project Runway) into a guilt-fully entertaining sissy fit I'd say.

Just last March, Motorola's SUPER-StyleMix'06 -organised by Style Asia - saw the exhibition of local hair guru David's Gan work (in the form of magazine covers, not wigs!) at the spanking new Red Dot Design Museum - a befitting homage to the luminary and the imprints he had made on the local design scene. I'd bet my bottom dollar that Zhang Ziyi made our little red dot on the world map a lil' brighter ever since declaring Gan as her favourite hairstylist, favouring him over famed tinsel-town stylists who have had their hands on the tresses of the likes of Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron.

The exhilarating week long showcase also saw the brilliant fusion of style, design, art and music where creative mavens SBTG, The Killer Gerbil, Frü Frü & Tigerlily and Dekonstruckt adorned the Red Dot Design Museum with mind-blowing art installations, whilst brands like FCUK and Woods and Woods teamed up with music maestros like DJ Ash (Guerrilla) that sent both fashionistas and audiophiles into a euphoric frenzy.

Driven by an addiction to hunt for what's cool, and feeding on an obsession to 'style Asia' (in their own words), Style Asia - headed by Hideki Akiyoshi, Creative Regional Director of Style Asia - is on an insane speed to infuse design and lifestyle, creating super cool cross-fertilizations with symbiotic brilliance. Watch out for Style Asia's upcoming event - the Singapore Water polo Championships'06 slated to take place in June'06 that will debunk your stereotype of the sport.

For the rest of you still looking for a job, or have decided to bum around till semester starts in August, why not try out an interesting apprenticeship with Noise Singapore or start working out your left brains over that fashion or product design you've always wanted to complete? This season is design season, with a flurry of competitions that could lead the way out of that dead-end quandary of a faculty you're stuck in.


The annual Singapore Fashion Designers Contest (SFDC) is now open to all budding designers. The SFDC is part of Singapore Fashion Week's initiative to attract international designers, manufacturers and buyers to search for talent here. Singapore Fashion Week 2006 will be held from Nov 1 to 5. Unlike Singapore fashion festival'06 that took place in March, Fashion week is mainly targeted at industry insiders -such as buyers and manufacturers.

The theme of SFDC this year is Changing Patterns and contestants are required to submit designs comprising either of 12 female outfits, 12 male outfits or six of both. Judging criteria would be based on creativity, originality, commercial viability and craftsmanship. The winner and first-runner up will then go on to represent Singapore in the Asian young Fashion Designers Contest on Nov 4. The winner will also get a 2-yr stint in the local fashion industry, working with and learning from renowned local designers.

Application forms available at LaSalle-SIA, Raffles Design Institute and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Closing date for the competition is June 16.


The Muji Award international design competition is open for application. The winner stands to have his design manufactured and sold at Muji stores worldwide. The theme is 'Sumi' (corner/edge/end), a literal labyrinth that this writer isn't capable of deconstructing into simpler terms here.

Not restricted to students of Product Design. Closing date 31st August 2006.


This initiative by students from NTU's ACM SIGGRAPH to showcase young design talents in Singapore requires participants to design the skin of the iPod nano. A series of digital design workshops are being held concurrently. The 3 month-long activities climax with a carnival at Civic Plaza on 16th July 2006

Closing date 2nd July 2006

Art, Photography and Music

Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), Noise Singapore is our very own youth arts festival without a venue. Taking place till November, it is aimed at spurring on and unleashing the creative talents of Singapore's youth whom have been hiding behind 10-year series and draconian textbooks all semester.

If you have an existing portfolio of original art work, photography or music hidden away under your bed, isn't it time you had the balls to make the rest of the world (or island at least) envious of your burgeoning talent? Open to all under the ages of 25, rip apart all pre-conceived perimeters and dig into your left-brain for creative strokes of geniuses presentable across any print, media and broadcast platforms in the Open Category.

Closing date: 13th August 2006.

If you're feeling pretty confident (like how we like it!), give the following competitions a shot as well:

  • Design a can for Pringle that is presentable on any of Starhub's infotainment platforms (Digital Cable, Mobile & online services) in the Starhub Creative Awards
  • Design a CD cover for Sony-BMG's "Sex in the city"
  • Create emoticons, display pictures and backgrounds for the Noise-MSN Interactive Design Competition

Closing date: 13th August 2006.

Ever wondered how brilliant creative gurus do what they do? Always wanted to rub shoulders with the who's-who of the creative scene? Apply for the Apprenticeship Programme that is making its debut this year. Segmented into categories for Art & Design, Music and Photography, the programme will be held over 7 weeks from June to July 2006. 6 apprentices will be selected for each category. Mentors of the lucky few include Terence Goh, Art Director of JUICE magazine, Desmond Goh of Electrico, and Kelley Cheng, Editorial director of iSh magazine (leading regional design magazine).

Application closes: 4th June 2006

If you're looking for a way out of a 4-walled cubicle, and you are somehow blessed with a penchant for creativity, or maybe you just wanna try something new this holiday, then grab them application forms and put on your green hats before closing date ensues!

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