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Printer Review: HP Photosmart B110 series
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Author Topic: Printer Review: HP Photosmart B110 series


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Product: HP Photosmart B110 Series Printer
Price $199 (but free for students with any Mac desktop/laptop purchase online)
From: Mac Online Store, Funan

Verdict: recommended
Why: for all the all-in-one printers I have tried so far, this best suits any family's needs, it is affordable, and most of all the deal with Mac is irresistable

Main Review:

I think having a printer at home is absolutely necessary. It really sucks having to go down to school or a library just to print out some document. Not to mention how often it is you have to scan your IC, or your O level certificate, or send to somebody proof of your education, or even something as simple as keeping old photos in a digital copy.

Let me first explain the deal with Mac online store (which is how I got the printer). When you purchase a laptop or desktop online, and if you are a student, Mac offers a one-time deal to purchase a printer along with it, offering to rebate up to $199. The printer costs exactly $199. There is a more expensive option but really who is going to take that one. This is almost as good as shaving $200 off the price of your laptop/desktop. Yes I know this is a gimmick, but why not capitalize on it.

Alright, so what makes this printer great in and of itself aside from the amazing deal.

Well the printer functions very easily. It is user-friendly, it has yet to malfunction on me (unlike the many printers I have used in my lifetime), it performs a myriad of tasks and has been satisfactory in all of them. I have scanned documents, faxed documents, printed coloured documents, printed black and white, I have even printed photos.

It even comes with this small screen at the side to select options, and the printer even goes online so you can print remotely (as in print when you are not home) but seriously I do not intend to use an option as obscure as this.

Trust me it is easy. Even my dad can use it.

Plus, I really love the fact that the printer is wireless. I know most printers are wireless nowadays, but I had just switched from an old canon printer.

Yes printing photos is a new concept to me. I know it has been offered for awhile with printers, but this was kind of thrown in for free with the all-in-one-ness, including free photo-quality paper. It is entirely satisfactory, but not quite what you get from a studio. So if this is why you want to get the printer, don't.

Another annoying thing, is that $199 really is not affordable. I think you could easily get another printer on the market of about the same quality in the range of $120 +/- $20.

Lastly, the deal with Mac obviously only works great for people like me who were in the market for a Mac in the first place.

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