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iPhone Application Review: Whatsapp
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Author Topic: iPhone Application Review: Whatsapp


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Product: Whatsapp Messenger
Price: $0.99
From: iTunes

Verdict: highly recommended
Why: for any 3g user, whatsapp truly replaces sms and is exceptionally useful for messaging friends who are overseas

Main Review:

Whatsapp to some extent is nothing new in the handphone world anymore. It does however, surprise me, how few people have taken it up. It is either because of an inertia against shifting away from traditional sms, or because they have not even heard of internet sms-ing which really has been around for years.

Whatsapp is basically sms through the internet. As a handphone application, it works to the user the way sms works. You open the application, select your contact and simply type away.

A truly great thing about whatsapp is that it is like BBM, which was blackberry's exclusive call to fame for the longest time, but now it is for everyone. You can sms your friends without worrying about hitting your sms limit (which I always thought was stupid because from the telecomms provider point of view an sms is like sending a package the size of a speck of dust).

It comes at the low cost $0.99. Or some lucky ones who caught on early got it for free. It is easily worth it, just two messages to a friend who has whatsapp overseas instantly makes the cost worth your while. Not to mention the social connection you get when you can keep in contact without having to worry about money

Furthermore, the creators of whatsapp have bothered to continue maintaining it for customer satisfaction. For example they recently included a groupchat function, which was something BBM already had for the longest time.

It does get annoying that whatsapp requires all the receivers to also have it. So aside from you having to get out of your comfort zone, you need to convince everyone else to get it. Try convincing your parents they need a smartphone and a new application that works like sms but isn't sms. Trust me, don't bother.

Add to that the fact that whatsapp is not free. So aside from you having to pay, anyone else you want to keep in contact with has to get it also. This is as compared to other applications out there such as TextMe which are completely free. It does help to though that whatsapp is already extremely proliferated.

The application itself also is not perfect. Often you have problems sending images or sound clips, or video even. Then again the fact that it can do all these things is kudos to the creators.

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