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Handphone Accessory Review: Speck iPhone 4 case
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Author Topic: Handphone Accessory Review: Speck iPhone 4 case


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Product: Speck iPhone 4 case
Price: $40
From: epicentre

Verdict: maybe if you are in the mood to splurge a little
Why: it is sleekly designed, fashionable, but too expensive

Main Review:

I have been very happy and satisfied with using a bumper as my iPhone case. However, I also secretly always wanted a Speck case.

I got one recently, and I was very pleased! It still bugs me though, that I was not one of the first few buyers of the iPhone 4, who were offered free iPhone cases my apple, including a tartan-designed Speck case. Now, you have to pay $40 for one.

The main design concept of the Speck cases are the fabric prints at the back of the case. I am a sucker for dual-material designs. Not only does it immediately stand out from other cases, it is very fashionable. Most of the Speck designs involve a complex checkered print, or tartan, or some other fancy thing they came up with.

The main body of the Speck case is also very sleek. It is slimly designed so it is not one of those cases that gets stuck each time you try to pull your iPhone out of your pocket or handbag. The edges of the case also stick out a little bit, so you do not need to worry about the screen of your phone or the fabric section of the case coming in contact with whatever surface you leave your phone on (much like the bumper)

Lastly, Speck comes in a gazillion different designs, so you get to pick your favourite pattern. It is totally like being a kid in a stationary shop.

What do I not like about it? Plenty actually.

First and foremost, the basic function of a case is to protect your phone yes? Well the Speck case is prone to cracking open when it drops. The point where the back and front of the case connect together seems poorly designed. I mean the first impact of dropping is still absorbed, but once it splits open the phone just pops out and drops a second time and slides all over the place. That is almost definitely going to leave scratches.

Secondly, it is EXPENSIVE. To be fair, there are lots of cases that cost that much. But considering the iPhone costs about $200 with plan, paying another $40 for a case really is a bit much. Fair warning, there are lots of fake cases circulating the market. I personally have seen Speck cases going for as low as $10, but I am certain they are fakes

Lastly, the fabric part of the phone wears and tears easily, so you do need to watch out for it.

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