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Tech Review: Quicksilver
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Author Topic: Tech Review: Quicksilver


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Product: Quicksilver
Price: Free!

Verdict: highly recommended
Why: it makes all internal search functions like 'find' otiose, and increases your efficiency on your computer threefold by revolutionizing launching any application or file

Main Review:

Once again, let me start off by saying that by far, I am not a tech guy.

However, I have stumbled upon this gem, as recommended to me by friends who ARE tech guys.

Quicksilver, is basically a free application, that helps you launch things on your computer really fast. It searches your computer for whatever file you want, and opens it. It opens your email, it searches through your contact list, it goes through your homework, it digs through documents, it does EVERYTHING.

Suddenly, the time you spend on the desktop screen is much much more than in the explorer screen.

There is not much to dislike about quicksilver.

It takes awhile to update its search database. Yeah this bothered me for awhile, because some of my files never ever showed up when I entered a search.

Turns out you have first of all to set what the database includes under settings, and you also have to set how often you want the database to update.

So yes us tech illiterate people might need awhile to adjust to this revolutionizing concept. But it is worth it.

Also, I think the interface is a bit boring. I know it is asking a bit much for a functional application to be pretty too. I think I am being pampered by Mac.

As you can see, the way to USE quicksilver is SO simple.

Basically you set yourself a shortcut to launch it. A search bar pops out, and as you type, it searches, and generates a list of things you might want to use. Then, it generates a list of things you could do with the thing you just found.

It is AWESOME. Suddenly, you can find pictures, documents, including an old CV you stashed somewhere, some photo you downloaded off your iPhone, without even having to open a Finder/Explorer.

It is FREE. So what is the harm in trying it out? This is not even one of the silly apps that comes with some kind of adware or anything. It is just some smart guy out there deciding he wants to create something really cool.

Oh but apparently the creators of quicksilver got bored of it and stopped updating its software.

Anyway, do check it out, I promise you will not regret it.

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