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Tech Review: Macbook Air
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Author Topic: Tech Review: Macbook Air


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Product: Macbook Air
Price: $1348
From: sg online mac store, epicentre

Verdict: recommended for people who do not care about specs, and are all about superficial beauty
Why: it is not that expensive for sth light, pretty, and gratifying, but really expensive for sth that has no capacity to do anything more than surf the web and type

Main Review:

Alright let me first say, that I bought a Macbook air. I bought it against the advice of a million people, and at the goading of a couple of mac fans. I have not regretted it. At all. Well not yet at least.

All of you out there who are anti mac, fine. All of you out there who are anti pretty things that are not worth its price, fine.

But let me tell you this is the best laptop/desktop I have ever used. Ever.

Alright I will first say all the things about it I do not like.

Needless to say, the specs are shit. I bought the cheapest possible mac, so it boasts a 1.4ghz dual core processor. I may not know much about computers, but I do know processors out there go as high as above 3ghz and quad core processors, and as a general guideline anything less than half the maximum speed is obsolete.

The next low spec, is the ram. Mine is only 2gb, because I did not pay for the upgrade, which almost anyone would. I was broke. The next annoying thing about the ram, is that it is apparently soldered onto the motherboard. What that means in english, is that the ram cannot be upgraded unless you pay lots of money.

I actually had my laptop hang on me 5mins within turning it on for the first time. It was my fault though, I accidentally opened ALL my music files. That is about...1000 files. At the same time.

Lastly, this was my first mac, so as some of you out there already know, the transition is a real pain in the ass. I did not even know what the new alt-f4 was. And enter on an icon does not open it? Seriously?

Moving on to good things.

Macbook airs, or MBAs, come with all the goodies all Macs come with. No viruses, snow leopard OS, pretty colours, idiot proof interface, and these really small and gorgeous chargers. No hugeass adaptor, ugly wires, terribly designed, heavy chargers.

The screen is this amazing beauty. Mine is only 11'', which as many have described, is such a respectable size.

Anyway, the screen is so pretty. Seriously, the colours, resolution, everything about it, makes reading such a breeze. There is almost zero glare, and I can read for hours, or type for hours, and not feel like it is a pain. Reading and browsing is also so much more enjoyable. I am not even one of the big fans of youtube or photo-editing.

Next of course, is the infamous slimness of the MBA. Aside from being really pretty, it fits into anything. It famously even fits in an envelope. It takes virtually no space in a bag, and could even fit into most girls' handbags.

More importantly, it is light. Weighing about 1kg, I daresay it is the lightest real laptop out there.

That leads me to my next point. All those complains about prices and specs, but seriously, considering the compact size and weight of the MBA, what else do you expect? If you wanted good specs, go get the new macbook pro.

Did I mention its really pretty?

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is the macbook overhyped and overvalued?

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i would say the price is steep for its performance, but it has been an amazing user experience. in my opinion, totally worth it. wouldnt trade it for any other laptop

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How do you get used to Macbook if I've been a windows user all my life?

What're the key differences between using Apple and Windows?

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The MacBook Air's got a larger 11.6-inch widescreen display. The MacBook Air has a similar level of screen brightness, based on what I can see.The iPad Air and 11-inch MacBook Air's displays are exactly the same height. The 11-inch Air's got extra width. This means, even though the iPad's got higher resolution, Web pages can fit more across the screen at a higher font size: for reading news stories, it means sitting back a bit farther from the screen.
EA Games Support

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