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Handphone Accessory: Belkin Car iPhone Charger
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Author Topic: Handphone Accessory: Belkin Car iPhone Charger


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Product: Belkin Car iPhone Charger
Price: $30
From: Amazon, Epicentre

Verdict: recommended
Why: iPhones run out of battery WAY too fast. For anyone who drives, leaving a charger in the car will save you on a daily basis

Main Review:

Let me just say that iPhone's battery is simply not good enough. Albeit true that the phone is basically one big battery, and for its massive performance capabilities it is amazing it can last this long as it is, but precisely because the iPhone has so much utility, we need it to have super-charged batteries. Well it does not. So we make do, by having the ability to charge it almost anywhere. We charge it every night when we go to sleep, and we bring around usb chargers with our laptops, and we have spare chargers in the office or in handbags.

Despite all that the iPhone still seems to fail us once in awhile. Well to top that off, the car charger is a great addition to the arsenal of the iPhone army.

First off, while driving, you will almost never use your phone anyway. Or at least you should not be using it. I hope none of you guys SMS while driving. Especially on that touch screen. So charging for that twenty minutes while driving will probably help your iPhone last for another two hours for that day.

The Belkin charger I have has already lasted me through two iPhones, and it has served me well. It has not caused me any problems, so yes I do feel it is worth paying the extra ten bucks or so for the Belkin brand name compared to a random brand you can buy at a pasar malam. On top of its lasting usage, the Belkin charger also charges the iPhone at an amazing speed. Admittedly I have nothing to compare it against, but in a short drive of about ten minutes, my iPhone charges by about 20%, which is usually all I need in those dire moments before it dies.

Yes I am aware that my dependency on my iPhone is worrying, but I cannot begin to describe how many times having a charger in the car has helped me. It is a daily matter of perhaps forgetting to charge overnight, or excessively long phonecalls, streaming 10 youtube videos in a row, and suddenly realizing the battery is dying with the whole day ahead.

It is also exceptionally helpful on roadtrips. Including this once I drove up to Melaka, it is a MUST to be playing music and letting passengers occupy themselves with iPhone games. A lifesaver, I promise.

If I had to say I did not like this charger, I would struggle to come up with anything. But well, $30 does make me feel the pinch, considering the gazillion accessories that the iPhone already requires.

Also, the wires tangling up around the gear box, or tissue box, or Aux wire connecting to the radio, is really something you do not want to affect you in the middle of changing gears while driving.

Lastly, the connection into the lighter compartment does come loose occasionally.

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