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Handphone Accessory Review: iPhone 4 Bumper
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Author Topic: Handphone Accessory Review: iPhone 4 Bumper


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Product: iPhone 4 Bumper
Price: $10 for 3
From: Epicentre

Verdict: Highly Recommended
Why: they are cheap, sleekly and cleverly designed, and provide complete protection

Main Review:

First let me say: to all you Android users out there, good for you. For all you BB users out there, you could do better. For all you fellow iPhone users out there, let's not pretend to be some expert on phone who appreciates the new OS or faster processor speed, we are the ones who like the pretty colours and the many many fancy moving things on the screen we can get from the one-stop app store.

Well, being the superficial people that we are, I am here to recommend all you guys the revolutionary protection: the bumper.

I'm sure you have a friend or two who was smart enough to pick the bumper when Apple was still in the apologetic phase of giving out free covers for the faulty IPhone 4. Those of us who picked the pretty checked patterns and rubbery contoured ones all got sick of it pretty fast. The bumper however, stuck, because it has all the makings of a classic. Much like the Oakley shades case was to the Nokia 8250.

What do I love about the bumper? Well what's not to love.

The design is so simple and cannot be faulted. It cleverly protects the phone from any contact by merely skirting around the perimeter. It first and foremost protects the extremely vulnerable metallic antenna (I know right, what a stupid design) that is the silver strip around the iPhone4, and with the added thickness, prevents the back and the screen from coming into contact with any surface it is put down on, or if (god forbid) it drops.

I also like how it suitably showcases the iPhone4's original unadulterated prettiness. I mean why buy such a pretty looking piece of technology if you are just gonna slip it into some expensive piece of leather, or clasp cheap plastic around it. It is a shiny glorious combination of metal and glass, so showing off as much of it is the way to go. It is the bikini to the iPhone4.

Lastly, because it is so simple, it is cheap. Like the set I'm recommending here, Epicentre, notorious for being over-priced, sells it at only $10, and it is for a set of 3. Not to mention the free protective covers for the front and also the back. It is a steal.

Perhaps if I have to fault the design, it is really not as eye catching or comment-worthy as perhaps having a white plastic case and a naked girls sprayed all over it. Well it certainly isn't flashy and demonstrative of teenage creativity in expression of self through material objects.

Selling in a set of 3 could also be a little of a bother, because who really switches between iPhone covers. OK wait we do, but who would switch from one bumper to another, as compared to buying the one with the naked girl. However, I am one of the beneficiaries of this arrangement, because I was handed a spare. So yes, you will end up giving it to very grateful friends.

Lastly, I do not like the rubbery texture it uses. A lot of iPhone covers do nowadays, and yes it is hardy and bendy and all, but it is not nice. It is thick and lacks the sleekness of fabric or leather or some other substance the army of product designers out there could use.

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