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Tech Review: Macbook Air
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Author Topic: Tech Review: Macbook Air

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IT Review:

Product: Apple Macbook Air (2nd Gen)
Price: $1,488 (11”) - $2,388 (13”)
From: 1) Apple Store(online) – Provides free shipping
2) Apple Exclusive Retailers (soon)

Verdict: Recommended
Why: A really good product overall for on-the-go users, except for a slightly hefty price tag.

Main Review:

Although its not really available off the shelf here in Singapore as of yet, watching the videos posted on Apple’s website would sure send techies drooling. You begin to wonder, how thin can any computer get?

Apple has always been a fine blend of sleek, catchy design and hardcore engineering. Its like a tech company that dresses up. Packaging is everything. And so the same applies to the new Macbook Air.

Yet this product does not just look good on the outside; it packs the many good things in life into one: the Mac OS X operating system, a long battery life(5 hour for 11.6”, 7 hours for 13”), multi-touch trackpad, the reliable and fast all-flash storage. This is one ‘book’ that I would surely judge from its cover.

But, this neat little thing has some issues of its own. First up, it’s a little pricey for some slightly outdated hardware. It uses Core 2 Duo Chips while everyone else ses i3 or i5 chips. Although its flash-storage is fast and reliable, but it maxes out at 128GB only. It also lacks minor perks like the backlit keyboard and SD card slot that its bigger counterparts provides.

If you are fresh windows convert, then this product needs a little getting used to. MAC OS X is quite the same with the standard Windows OS, just that it starts up real quick. =)

All in all, the new Macbook Air is a real good product overall. Its light, thin, easy to carry around, has all the things I need from a computer. Best of all, its cool-looking design makes me want to bring it around and flaunt it.

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What does it look like?

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Here you go. nd-gen-review

It was love at first sight when I saw this product 1st Gen at Best-Denki. It's pretty sleek and slim for carrying. However, thought it was too expensive and the specs don't seem to be able to accomodate with designers' heavy softwares... 2nd Gen is considered quite cheap compare to the 1st Gen's price I saw back then, which was around $3k, (if I hadn't remember wrongly.)

Guess what foolie87 said is right, "Perhaps the Macbook Air is perfect for its designated audience: fast-paced, mobile professionals or users, who needs lightweight, ultra-portable and reliable computing power wherever they are, whenever they need it." It's probabaly more suitable for people who don't need to use heavy-duty softwares on notebook.

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I find the price of Macbook Air not too expensive. But 5 hours for battery life is not the best. There are many other laptops with batter life of 12 hours and beyond.

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The chipset of Macbook Air is generation older than most of the current notebooks.

But it sure looks very sleek and thin.

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